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In this World Ventures Review, the company claims that travel is the world’s largest industry with over $8 Trillion spent annually worldwide.World Ventures also expect the travel industry to double in size in the next 4 – 6 years, relying on Baby Boomers retiring at the rate of 1 every 8 seconds to continue to drive the growth of the travel industry for the next decade or two.

Do you buy into such optimism?  This World Ventures Review covers their products, compensation plan, training and how you can succeed should you choose to join this company.

World Ventures Review - Products

At the time of this World Ventures Review, they have three products for their members:


World Ventures offers the benefits from their ability to buy in bulk to offer its members packaged and planned vacations at lower prices with their Dreamtrips membership.


The Dreamtrips membership is enhanced with the Dreamtrips Life membership where the member receives a personalized website with up to date news, dining and entertainment deals, weather and other information.


The Luxury DreamTrips Membership offers top end luxury vacations to spectacular destinations worldwide at affordable prices.


It costs $199 to join World Ventures and you will receive $20 for every person you recruit. Your monthly fee is waived if you recruit 4 persons. If you recruit 6 persons in 30 days, you will earn a $250 bonus and $100 training dollars. Besides these basic features, there are other features to the compensation plan including residual income which is not mentioned in this World Ventures Review.


It is a great bonus if your Network Marketing company provides you with good training. At the time of this World Ventures Review, the company provides the following training.

World Ventures Regional Training Events

Regional training events take place in major regions across the US where members will receive key information to help succeed with the company.

World Ventures Leadership Acceleration Workshops

Basic business skills, personal development skills, mindset training and communication skills are taught in their Leadership Acceleration Workshops

World Ventures Journey

This is a five-day workshop which focuses on helping you develop balance in all areas of your life: family, financial, physical, spiritual, social, and emotional.

World Ventures A View from the Edge

Topics such as direct selling fundamentals, business-building strategies and more personal subject matter concerning relationships and life are covered in a 3 day workshop which combines education with entertainment. Sounds like a lot of fun.

World Ventures Review – What’s your chances of achieving success with this business opportunity?

In World Ventures’ marketing material, they state that “according to CNN Money, travel is the single largest category or e-commerce, accounting for about 43% of all online spending.”

Clearly World Ventures understand that the powerful ingredient to the growth of their industry has been and will continue to be driven by doing business online.  After all, there are 1.8 billion users on the internet today. In this World Ventures Review, we will go on to talk about how you can leverage the internet to achieve your MLM Success.

World Ventures Review – Leverage the Internet to put your business on steroids

A World Ventures member can absolutely adopt the philosophy of the company in leveraging the internet to achieve success in their business. There are many ways to generate income from online marketing. Essentially the member has to establish a strong online presence which will attract prospects to them. Imagine having prospects call you instead of you having to chase after them?!

There are many ways to build a strong online presence to increase other people’s exposure to you. You can do this if you have a blog, publish articles online, if you have videos on YouTube or through social media like Facebook and Twitter. The objective of these approaches is to make yourself known and to have followers who will hopefully turn into prospects and then into team members.

While you may be running a business for yourself, there is absolutely no need to operate it all by yourself. You should leverage successful and powerful marketing platforms that are already built for you, use their tools, join and learn from a community of like minded entrepreneurs and build your success that way.

One of the fastest and very effective way is to have a blog. A blog is your online store front where visitors can come in to browse, get to know you and to buy your products. The danger is to waste too much time and money building a blog. It is best to use and to leverage a blogging platform that is already built for you.

Of course, if you have the money, you can also advertise your business on the internet and draw in sales that way. Advertising brings in results fast. If not done right, you could also be throwing your money away at a face pace too.

World Ventures Review – Success is at your door step

Success in any internet business is built with knowing the secrets on how to market online effectively. If you are really serious about taking your World Ventures business to the next level, you want to leverage one of the best lead generation and marketing platform, My Lead System Pro.

You can also start straight away with a blogging platform that has already been built for you at the Empower Network.

Learn more about how online marketing can explode your World Ventures business with Lee Siah Chong.


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